• We can ship your goods to and from almost anywhere in the world.

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  • Faster and safer

    We can handle your cargo from door to door, terminal to terminal and terminal to door.
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  • Air cargo services

    For international imports and exports.

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About company

The group of companies VESTA LLC offers a wide choice of opportunities in the field of international cargo transportation and provides reliable guarantees of the quality of its services since 2008. We offer any type of transport and an extensive selection of available destinations. The main advantage of our service is complexity, which allows you to have fully entrusted us with logistics and customs services.


Universal cargo management service

In the group of companies LLC "VESTA" you can get a comprehensive service for booking, processing, packaging and transportation of cargo of various types with the help of modern cargo and passenger aircraft. Large selection of air transport allows you to transport even oversized or heavy loads successfully. The presence of regular flights makes it possible to plan transportation in a short time and to various points of the world.


Do you need urgent shipment, which must be delivered to the farthest point of the globe? In this case, the international air transportation will be an irreplaceable option. This type of transport allows you to deliver goods even to the most remote locations, to the Far North, for example. Besides, the transportation of goods using an aircraft allows you to overcome long distances quickly and deliver the goods as soon as possible. Want to know more? Visit the Transport Services section.


Warehouse services

Our services are cheaper than using your warehouse Combining cargo flows throughout Russia and Europe, we optimize the cost of delivery as much as possible. We pay for the “not-in-use” warehouse, and you pay only for the time and the number of pallets that your cargo occupies in our warehouse. We work according to the standards of an international company, which ensures complete safety of the cargo and its presentation.

  • Machine Transport

    Oversized Cargo

    Special and Critical Handling Shipments

    LTL Shipments

  • Air cargo services

    For international imports and exports

    From door to door, terminal to terminal

    and terminal to door

  • Warehouse services

    We work with a small inventory

    Daily calculation per pallet / a day

    We serve goods in a temperature warehouse

Associations & Memberships

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